Safety and Security

CityX's Safety and Security category provides users with a range of tools and resources to help them stay safe and secure in their city. Our Crime Watch widget provides users with tips and advice on how to protect their homes and property, while our Home Security widget offers information on local security companies and home security tips.

For those who want to stay informed about local crime, our Crime Map widget displays crime data from local police departments, including the types of crimes reported and their locations. This can help users make informed decisions about where to live or where to avoid.

CityX's Safety and Security category also offers several widgets that provide information on potential safety hazards. Our Noise Pollution widget provides information on noise levels in different parts of the city, including data on decibels and sources of noise. The Water Consumption widget provides information on daily water usage in a user's home and offers suggestions for ways to conserve water. Finally, our Home Energy Saving widget offers users tips and advice on how to make their homes more energy-efficient, which not only helps the environment but also can reduce the risk of fire and other hazards.


  • Crime Watch
  • Home Security
  • Crime Map

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