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CityX is the ultimate Smart City App that helps you stay connected and informed about your city. Discover local events, popular attractions, and hidden gems with ease, while staying up-to-date on health and safety information like air quality, weather conditions, and emergency alerts. Share information and connect with your community through our intuitive platform.

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Explore the range of features offered by CityX, designed to enhance your urban experience and help you navigate the city effortlessly. With our intuitive interface and user-centric approach, CityX brings the power of information and convenience to your fingertips. Delve into our modules and find the perfect blend of functionality and ease to make the most of your city adventures.

  1. Business and Entrepreneurship

    Get up-to-date business news, discover local startups, and connect with fellow entrepreneurs.

  2. Education and Learning

    Find classes and workshops in your field, explore higher education options, and discover opportunities to expand your knowledge.

  3. Entertainment and Events

    Never miss an event in your city again with recommendations for concerts, festivals, and other entertainment options.

  4. Health and Wellness

    Stay healthy and fit with local gym recommendations, find yoga or meditation classes, and get the latest health news.

  5. Neighborhoods

    Connect with your community and explore your neighborhood's hidden gems with recommendations for local businesses, events, and more.

  6. News

    Get the latest news and updates on local events, politics, and breaking news stories.

  7. Public Services

    Find information on local government services, from recycling centers to parking regulations, and stay informed about changes in your community.

  8. Sustainability and Environment

    Discover eco-friendly businesses and organizations in your area, get the latest news on sustainability efforts, and learn how to make a difference.

  9. Safety and Security

    Stay safe and informed with real-time updates on local crime, safety tips, and emergency alerts.

  10. Sports

    Stay up-to-date on your favorite sports teams, find local fitness classes, and discover new ways to stay active in your city.

  11. Tourist Attractions and Activities

    Whether you're a visitor or a local, discover the top attractions in your city and find exciting activities for all ages.

  12. Traffic & Urban Mobility

    Get real-time traffic updates and find the best transportation options in your city, including bike shares, public transit, and ride-sharing services.

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At CityX, our passion for digital transformation in urban environments drives us to create a more connected and informed city. Our app is more than just a mobile app - it's a collection of widgets powered by open data and APIs, allowing us to serve high-quality data from our partner digital services. Our vision is to provide citizens, students, tourists, and nomads with the most up-to-date and relevant information about local events, transportation, and businesses, empowering them to fully experience and enjoy their city. We believe that CityX has the potential to become the central app for distribution of local services and information. Our goal is to make the city more accessible and enjoyable for everyone by enhancing communication and providing valuable resources. Join us in our mission to transform urban living with CityX.


4 Feb 2023

UK launches Net Zero Transport Hub to decarbonise sector and strengthen climate resilience

<p>The UK Department for Transport and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) are launching the Net Zero Transport Infrastructure for a Resilient Future Hub, which will aim to reduce emissions across the UK transport sector's value chain. Backed by £10 mi

31 Jan 2023

Connected electric vehicle charging points to increase 40% annually until 2026

<p>The number of connected electric vehicle charging points, according to predictions in Berg Insight report, will grow by 40 per cent annually until 2026 in Europe and North America, reaching an estimated 18 million units. Connected charging points

24 Jan 2023

5G IoT connections to reach 116 million by 2026

<p>By 2026, global 5G IoT (internet of things) connections are expected to reach 116 million, a 1,100 percent growth from 17 million in 2023, according to Juniper Research. The smart city services and healthcare sectors are anticipated to account for




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