Education and Learning

CityX's Education and Learning category is designed to help students and lifelong learners alike navigate the local education scene, find tutoring services, and connect with others who share similar interests.

The Education widget displays information on local schools and universities, including enrollment, graduation rates, and rankings. Meanwhile, our Tutoring Finder widget shows the availability of tutoring services for various subjects, making it easy to find help when you need it most.

For those interested in language learning, our Language Learning widget provides users with language-learning resources, including tutorials, quizzes, and vocabulary exercises. And for students who are looking to connect with others on campus, our College Friend Finder widget matches students with similar study interests to form study groups.

In addition to helping students academically, CityX's Education and Learning category also offers several widgets that cater to the student experience. Our Campus widget displays general information about the campus, including useful locations for students, and our Campus Event Calendar widget shows upcoming events on campus, such as lectures, workshops, and social gatherings. For those looking to study in peace, our Library Availability widget shows the availability of study spaces and materials at the campus library.

Finally, for students looking to save money, our Student Discount widget shows discounts and promotions for local businesses available to students, while our Student Food widget shows the various dining options on campus or around, including menus and hours. And for those interested in extracurricular activities, our Student Organizations widget showcases the various student organizations on campus, including contact information and upcoming events.


  • Education
  • Tutoring Finder
  • Language Learning
  • Campus
  • College Friend Finder
  • Campus Event Calendar
  • Library Availability
  • Student Discount
  • Student Food
  • Student Organizations
  • Student Internship / Scholarship Opportunities
  • Student Housing

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